Corrie’s Jennie McAlpine: ‘Fiz accuses Tyrone of cheating on her’

Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine warns Soaplife that Fiz is becoming increasingly concerned about Tyrone’s closeness to Maria. Should she be?

How does Fiz discover Tyrone’s been confiding in Maria about the ‘Kirsty’ texts?
“Fiz had asked him not to hold anything back from her, but one night Tyrone gets a text and dismisses it when Fiz asks who it’s from. When he leaves the room, Fiz looks at the phone. There’s a text from Kirsty – and also one from Maria, saying she’s there if he ever wants to talk.”

And that makes Fiz suspicious?
“Yes. She demands to know why he’s confiding in another woman. She’s really, really hurt to think he’d rather talk to Maria about his problems than her. I think that’s the point where Fiz really starts to wonder whether there’s something more going on, or whether she’s being silly.”

Does Fiz admit she’s jealous?
“More than that. She accuses Tyrone of having feelings for Maria. It’s more than just the text thing – and the fact Ty was once engaged to Maria has nothing to do with it, either. Maria’s name keeps cropping up and they seem to be spending more and more time together. Then Fiz sees them hugging in The Rovers. She storms out and Tyrone follows her, asking what’s wrong.”

What does she say to him?
“She tells him he should be more sensitive sometimes and how easy it would be for her to feel jealous of Maria. Tyrone tells her not to be so crazy, and says he’s stressed enough as it is without him starting an affair with Maria. It’s not the best answer!”

Maria tells Fiz she wants to be there for both her and Tyrone?
“And that makes Fiz feel guilty. She ends up apologising to Maria and hugging her. She blames it on being so stressed, what with Kirsty being back on the scene.”

Does Fiz suspect the texts aren’t coming from Kirsty?
“That doesn’t even cross her mind. Why would it? If Fiz found out it was actually Maria who was sending them, she would be completely gobsmacked. It would be a complete blow to everyone.”



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