Corrie’s Jane Danson: ‘There’s no shouting, but it’s over’

Coronation Street’s Jane Danson tells Soaplife just how Leanne feels when she realises her marriage to Nick is over…

Leanne and Nick have been in trouble since he hit her, haven’t they?
“She’s been putting on a brave face. Usually she runs away from difficult situations, but for once she’s stayed put, faced it and tried to see it through. She’s been trying to do the right thing.”

But there’s no fix for this, is there?
“Leanne’s quite streetwise – she was a prostitute, after all! But with this, she’s not sure. She never knows what mood Nick’s going to be in. He’s happy go lucky one minute, but in a vile mood and snapping at her, the next. Leanne’s also very protective of Simon.” 

She doesn’t want Nick touching her, does she?
“There are a few cuddles, but that’s mainly through duty on Leanne’s part. Then Nick tries to take things a little step further – it’s been a while since they were intimate – but it’s more than Leanne wants. She makes excuses – even using Hayley’s death as one. The physical and emotional side of it has gone for her, she simply feels likes his carer.”

How does Nick react to her rejection?
“Nick’s almost doing what she’s doing and making the best of a bad situation. Ultimately, he’s the one who goes, ‘You know what? We have to split up’. Leanne knows it’s the right decision, but she desperately doesn’t want to fail again. She has tried so hard.”

So how does it actually end?
“Nick and Leanne sit down and talk. There’s no shouting – they’re both resigned to it, really. They do love each other so it’s really sad but it’s no longer the right kind of love.”


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