Corrie fans cheer arrest of sex abuser Nathan

Last night's episode of Coronation Street saw abuser Nathan Curtis under arrest as his young fiancee Bethany Platt looked on in distress.

Coronation Street viewers celebrated the arrest of abuser Nathan Curtis in a tense episode on Friday night.

Portrayed by Chris Harper, Nathan was dragged away by three policemen as his young fiance Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon), who he had been forcing to sleep with his friends, watched on in distress.

Bethany’s grooming storyline has shocked viewers of the ITV programme which has been broadcast at the later time slot of 9pm this week due to the nature of the plots.

At one of his latest parties, where she was forced to have sex with men who are part of a sex ring, she was shut in a bedroom with several of them before her family and the police arrived.

Viewers celebrated the long-awaited arrest but continue to fear for “brainwashed” Bethany who remains under his hold.

Sean Hughes posted on Twitter: “Nathan’s been arrested! Good riddance”.

Abbie Stubbs said his arrest had “fully made my Friday night”.

Demi-Jade posted: “How can Bethany not see what Nathan really is!! What these sick men are doing to her!! He’s brainwashed her man so heartbreaking.”

Holly wrote: “It’s so sad to see how brainwashed Bethany is. But it’s more tragic to know that girls go through this in real life, so horrible.”

Lucy was praised by fans for her “phenonemal” performance in the episode with Georgia Ayton saying the performance will “potentially save many young people”.

The actress had recently shared a story of meeting a woman who had gone through similar ordeals.

She said: “I went to Manchester to put some flowers down at St Ann’s Square (following the Manchester Arena bombing) and a lady of about 60 came and tapped me on the shoulder and said “Can I just whisper something to you?”

“I thought she was just going to say that she really likes Corrie, but she said “I was sexually abused by my dad when I was younger”…she got really upset and said she really appreciated what I had done.

“It makes me feel really proud when people say stuff like that.”

Coronation Street returns on ITV on Monday.

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