Coronation St’s Kym thanks co-stars for support

Kym Marsh has thanked her Coronation Street colleagues for their support after her baby died.

In February, Kym and her Hollyoaks star boyfriend Jamie Lomas lost their baby Archie shortly after he was born 18 weeks early.

“You know it’s been a long old struggle, but we’ve had a lot of support from our family and friends, which has really helped, and everybody at work has been great,” said Kym. “Everybody’s support has just been great, so we really appreciate that.”

Kym – who has two children from a previous relationship with Dave Cunliffe – said she was keeping busy and trying to stay fit.

“The thing with me is I’m never off my feet,” she said. “I’m at work, then I’m going home, I’m looking after the kids, making dinner, then learning my lines.

“I am constantly active and I do watch my diet. I don’t eat too much in the way of rubbish. I try to be healthy.

“Obviously I haven’t been of late because of everything, but I’ll probably start back next week, which will do me the world of good, mentally and physically. It’ll really get me back on form.”

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