Coronation Street’s Sonny reveals his secret side

Coronation Street’s Sonny is good looking, charming and a self-made millionaire. But is it all too good to be true? Actor Pal Aron hopes so…

Has Sonny got a secret?

“Yes, he has. There’s something he hasn’t told Michelle – he’s bisexual.”

How do viewers find out?

“It comes to light when Sonny meets Sean for the first time. Sean instantly recognises him and calls him by another name. It turns out they are exes.”

Does Sean want to tell Michelle?

“Yes. He asks Sonny to tell him what’s going on and mentions the last time he saw him they’d spent the night together. Sonny maintains he’s doing nothing wrong and there’s no need for Michelle to find out.”

How does Sonny feel about Michelle?

“He’s really into her. I think he likes her enough to settle down and get married actually.”

What does he like about her?

“She’s a cute, warm, yummy mummy.”

Why hasn’t he told her he’s bisexual?

“I imagine he thinks it will probably put her off him.”

Does he want to settle with a man or woman?

“It’s about settling down with the person you love and at the moment that happens to be woman. He could be just as happy with either sex.”

But would he be faithful to her?

“I like to think he’d be a good boy, but you never know, do you?”

What do you know about bisexuality?

“I don’t know anything as I don’t have any bisexual friends to ask. So I just had to imagine what it would be like. Sonny’s not gay as he’s absolutely into Michelle, but he’s slept with men in the past.”

Is he afraid Sean might spill the beans?

“Yes, he knows having Sean around is going to make things a bit more complicated.”

Has Sonny been married before?

“No. Up until now he’s ever met anybody he could imagine spending the rest of his life with but Michelle’s had a huge impact on him. He’s besotted with her and that’s why he’s so desperate to keep his secret and prevent anything from going wrong.”

Does he still fancy Sean?

“I don’t know.”

How does Sonny feel about Steve McDonald?

“He has no beef with him because he has no idea that, behind the scenes, Steve’s trying to split up his relationship with Michelle. In fact, he quite likes him.

How do you feel being the man who’s stopping two Coronation Street faves from getting it together?

“I find it funny that Sonny’s got in the way. Steve McDonald is one of my favourite characters in the show and I think he’s playing this whole storyline beautifully.”

How long is Sonny around for?

“I have signed a six-month contract so Sonny will be making waves for a while yet!”

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