Coronation Street’s Jennie McAlpine: ‘Fiz takes out her grief on Roy’

Jennie McAlpine has revealed Hayley Cropper’s suicide will drive a wedge between her character Fiz Stape and Roy Cropper.

Fiz, who used to be Hayley and Roy’s foster daughter, had promised to look after Roy. But when she learns Hayley decided to take her own life, she’s angry that it was kept a secret from her.

Jennie revealed: “The main thing between Hayley and Fiz going through these six months has been ‘Will you look after Roy’. The first thing that happens after Hayley passes away is that Fiz falls out with Roy – properly. Which is not great.

“But in the circumstances, that’s what happens. Fiz is quite cross and angry, obviously she’s really upset about what’s happened. She’s grieving, but it’s a bit different her grief because she didn’t know. So she has to find out what’s happened, and then when she finds out she’s really cross. Cross that it happened, but also cross that nobody told her.

“She’s cross with Hayley, cross with Roy, but Hayley’s not there so the only one she can take it out on is Roy and she does take it out on him, and it’s not good.”

The actress also revealed the factory girls who worked with Hayley will pay a special tribute to her at her funeral.

She said: “The funeral scenes were really, really emotional. But also moving in a lovely way.

“There’s some lovely parts to the funeral, there’s some funny parts, my favourite part is the factory girls paying a nice tribute to Hayley.”


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