Cilla’s comeback is every bit as memorable as her first-ever Corrie appearance! (VIDEO)

So, Cilla’s back. She pitched up on Fiz and Tyrone’s doorstep last night (Friday) – and she brought more than an overnight bag with her.

That’s made Fiz and Chesney, well, more than a bit curious…

“They’re suspicious,” says Wendi Peters, who plays Cilla, the loser every time in the Mum of the Year contests. “Who wouldn’t be? She went off and left them with nothing and then suddenly comes back all sweetness and light.”

When Lloyd (Craig Charles) asked Cilla seven years if she was really never coming back, she said: “Who knows? I might just get a hankering for wet January afternoons, when it’s dark by half-three”

In the end, she appeared in October, an early Halloween fright for Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Chesney (Sam Aston).

So, where’s she been?

Cilla has lived the high life in Vegas, the wild life in South Africa and was growing weary of life in Wolverhampton, where she’s ended up.

“There must be some reason she’s back.”

And there is.

Cilla’s not well. She’s revealed to Sinead (Katie McGlynn) she has osteoporosis, which means her bones are more fragile. The disease has had a big impact on her life and, we can reveal, it’s going to have a big impact on Fiz and Tyrone’s life, too!

“There’s loads more to come for Cilla and the family – even stuff I don’t know about yet!” says Wendi. “It’s going to be a rocky road.”

Do you remember Cilla’s first-ever appearance on Coronation Street? It was clear she would be trouble, even then. Watch it below and remind yourself!

Coronation Street continues on ITV, Monday, October 27, 7.30pm.


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