Coronation Street Christmas 2017: Storylines revealed including will Steve and Tracy wake up together on Christmas Day?!

Coronation Street Christmas 2017 - Might Steve and Tracy wake up together on Christmas Day?!

Coronation Street has unveiled its big plots for the festive season and, as you’d expect from the ITV soap, they include a mix of high drama and lighter, comedic moments. There’s good news for the Connors, who welcome the return of ice queen, Carla, but bad news for Billy Mayhew, who faces the wrath of a very angry Peter Barlow.

Here’s a summary of what’s in store for Coronation Street Christmas 2017…

Steve and Tracy reunion?

Tracy Steve Coronation Street 2017 Christmas

Steve and Tracy have a whole lot of history that should probably remain in Christmas past, but when the former married couple share a hip flask and a giggle at daughter Amy’s Christmas concert, they see one other in a new light – much to Amy’s disgust. Will the pair wake up in bed together on Christmas morning? And if they do, could this be a case of second time lucky?

Carla on the cobbles

Coronation Street Carla Connor played by Alison King

As Aidan Connor fights to get Underworld back up and running, it seems doors are being closed on him at every turn. Not prepared to give up, he has one last throw of the dice and asks half sister Carla to step in and help. Will she prove to be Aidan’s Christmas saviour?

Meanwhile, as Carla returns to the cobbles, it soon becomes clear that she has a big secret. Her family are in the dark, but her old friend Roy Cropper knows the truth. What is she hiding?

Peter’s revenge plot

Coronation Street Peter Billy

When Billy has a freak accident and only Peter is there to save him, the Vicar is convinced that his time is up and makes a deathbed confession – revealing to Peter the part he played in Susan’s car crash. Peter’s horrified and, hell bent on revenge for his sister’s death, he takes Billy for a dark night of the soul, which ends with the two men on the edge of a cliff. Will either of them make it home?

Anna on the run

Anna Phelan Coronation Street

Christmas shopping is the last thing on Anna Windass’s mind right now, who is locked up in Weatherfield nick, having been wrongly charged with GBH. The poor mum is desperate to clear her name, and when an opportunity presents itself, she goes on the run. Can she prove that evil Pat Phelan set her up, or will she eating her Christmas dinner back behind bars?

Eva 4 Adam?

Eva Adam Coronation Street

Eva’s not had the best of years, following her split from Aidan and her subsequent plot to bleed him dry, but it looks like she may be in for some festive cheer. As matchmaker Billy enlists her and Adam to help out at the Christmas grotto, sparks are soon flying between Santa’s little helpers. Will the pair pucker up under the mistletoe?

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