Chesney Brown proposes to Sinead Tinker in Coronation Street reveals Sam Aston!

Chesney plays the matrimony card as he battles for Sinead’s affections in Coronation Street, reveals Sam Aston. Will she say 'yes'?

Living in close proximity to girlfriend Sinead Tinker’s former lover clearly isn’t easy for Chesney Brown and he can’t but rub Daniel Osbourne’s nose in it every now and then. What better way to do this than by proposing to Sinead in the Bistro where Daniel just happens to work?

What’s the story?

“Chesney genuinely thinks that Daniel won’t be at the Bistro that evening but when he realises he is, Ches still goes ahead and asks Sinead to be his wife – he almost wants to show Daniel who’s boss and feels like he has the trump card because he is proposing,” actor Sam Aston told Soaplife. But will Chesney’s attempt at one-upmanship backfire in his face?

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Sam Aston reveals all to Soaplife about Chesney Brown’s big proposal to Sinead in Coronation Street…

Soaplife: How does Sinead react to Chesney’s proposal?

Sam Aston: “She’s thrilled and finds it romantic but she also thinks it’s very awkward because Daniel is there. She apologises to Daniel for Chesney’s insensitivity.”

 SL: He won’t like that!

SA: “He can’t see what the big deal is and is unnerved by it. He notices that Sinead and Daniel keep looking at each other then goes to the toilet and when he comes back he sees them both talking. On the spur of the moment, Chesney makes his mind up to pretend he’s got food poisoning. It’s not a plan he’s been thinking about for ages, he’s not really thinking straight. It just happens and there’s a snowball effect to this lie. It just gets worse and worse.”

 SL: Once he starts the lie, is there pressure to keep it up to get Daniel in trouble?

SA: “That’s Chesney’s end goal – to get Daniel in trouble and for Sinead to see him as this crazy guy. Chesney wants Sinead to himself and for Daniel to be out of the picture but the lengths he goes to are wrong. His plan seems to be going well because Sinead does suspect Daniel but later on, Daniel confronts Chesney.”

SL: What happens?

SA: “Daniel startles Chesney so straight away, Ches is on edge. Because Sinead and Daniel’s relationship doesn’t seem over, the thing between Daniel and Chesney has escalated and they get into an argument. Chesney just loses it and again it is a spur of the moment thing. Chesney is not bothered that Daniel has saved his life before, he is past that now. The way he sees it, Daniel is still trying to take Sinead off him and Chesney is clinging on to her with his fingertips.”

SL: Do you think that Ches and Sinead are meant for each other?

SA: “I really don’t know. They are great together and make a good couple but I think their relationship is doomed because she has gone off with Daniel before so she has made Chesney paranoid, he’s constantly watching his back. But he does love her so… you never know!”

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