Coronation Street fans cheer on Anna Windass as she goes on the run – she’ll be hiding in the park soon!

Corrie fans cheer as Anna makes her bid for freedom although some think the plot is daft

Coronation Street viewers urged Anna Windass to just “run run run!” after she managed to escape from police custody in dramatic scenes in the ITV soap.

Anna (Debbie Rush) has been in jail after being framed for pushing Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni) off the ladder, but is transferred to hospital after collapsing.

Seeing an opportunity, she covered herself in a huge coat and made a break for freedom in Wednesday night’s episodes – Friday’s opening episode will see her lurking in the bushes.

Viewers were gripped as she fled.

“Run #Anna Run girl!! #corrie,” urged one fan on Twitter.

“Yas Anna, you go girl!” said another excited viewer.

“Poor Anna on the run for being innocent for a crime she didn’t do,” said another.

“Free the Weatherfield One, too late, Anna has done it herself,” another person joked.

However, not all viewers were convinced that she was the sort of person who could make it on the run.

One fan said: “I don’t think this Anna storyline with her going on the run is having the dramatic effect that #corrie was hoping for, I’m actually laughing at how ridiculous it is !!!!!”

“Anna has got to be the worst and most obvious runaway convict in #Corrie. Why would you walk slowly and look all around. Just run run run,” said another.

Debbie announced in July that she would be leaving Corrie this year, after playing her character for almost a decade.

A soap spokesman said at the time that there would be “plenty more drama and twists in the tale” before she left Weatherfield.

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