Desperate Anna goes on the run in Coronation Street reveals Debbie Rush!

Coronation Street star Debbie Rush reveals that when Anna Windass is taken to hospital after collapsing in jail, she sees her chance to escape - and takes it!

Framed by Phelan, banged up for a crime she didn’t commit and finding out that her beloved son Gary has been killed… it’s no wonder Coronation Street’s Anna Windass is at rock bottom. She collapses in jail and is taken to hospital where partner Kevin Webster visits and tells her his priority is his own son and he no longer knows if they have a future…

What’s the story?

“Everything that possibly could, has gone wrong for Anna and you see an unravelling of her as things can’t get much worse. Then suddenly the opportunity arises for her to escape as security isn’t great at the hospital and she manages to leave,” actress Debbie Rush told Soaplife. But where will she run to and will anyone help?

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Debbie Rush reveals all to Soaplife about how Anna goes on the run in Coronation Street

Soaplife: What is Anna thinking when she goes on the run?

Debbie Rush: “She figures she has nothing to lose. You see a woman full of desperation who thinks she has nothing else left in the world. It’s fight or flight and she decides to fight – that’s the only way she can do it. Ultimately, she feels like Phelan’s won.”

 SL: Where does she go to?

DR: “She manages to get back to the Street and hides in various places.”

 SL: Does anyone help her out?

DR: “Some members of the community you wouldn’t necessarily expect to come forward, help her. And Faye. The scales fall from Faye’s eyes and her daughter does start to believe in her.”

SL: That’s not before time, is it?

DR: “Anna understands Faye has issues. The little girl she adopted aged nine still has lots of angst and mistrust from before Anna became her mum. Anna, being the mum she is, is very forgiving of Faye’s misplaced hate. Faye, for her part, turns out to be really good and really helps out.”

SL: How does Anna feel about Seth?

DR: “I think she feels sorry for him because Phelan’s bullied him to such an extent and she, more than anyone, understands what a powerful manipulating bully Phelan is. Anna wants the best for Faye and Seb because, although they’re 16, they are still children. She’s quite understanding of the fact that something small erupted into something massive and they didn’t understand the consequences.”

SL: Is it really the end for Anna and Kevin?

DR: “Loads of people like them together so it’s a case of whether Kevin will be on her side or not. She loves him but is struggling with a lack of loyalty – while he’s struggling with whether she pushed Seth or not.”

SL: How long will Anna be on the run for and will Phelan get his come-uppance in the end?

DR: “I can’t say but Anna is definitely a fighter. There’s no doubting what the viewers want. I get little old ladies to young lads shouting, ‘Oi, Anna, when you gonna get Phelan?’ Everyone wants him done in, and they want Anna to do it.”

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