Amanda angles for a role in Coronation Street

Amanda Holden says she wouldn’t go back to EastEnders, but would love to appear in Coronation Street.

“I have to say I find EastEnders brilliant at the moment, but I wouldn’t go into it at the moment, no,” said the Britain’s Got Talent judge.

“What I’d like to do is go into Coronation Street. I love Corrie, and that’s kind of more iconic. I’d go into that for a bit.”

And it seems the actress would want her Corrie character to cause trouble in Weatherfield.

“I’d love to go into it as some kind of snooty southern b****,” she laughed.

“Maybe go and buy The Kabin from under Rita’s nose and turn it into a beauty salon or something horrendous that they hate, so they oust me and I go back to London.”

Amanda, 38, appeared in five episodes of EastEnders in 1994.

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