Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 – our guide to the contenders!

Meet the old friends coming home for Strictly on Christmas Day...

As traditional as turkey and mince pies, these days it really wouldn’t be Christmas Day without the annual Strictly Come Dancing Christmas special (this year on BBC1 at 6.30pm).

And Santa has been particularly generous this year, with six glittering dance floor delights to behold, including the return of legends Judy Murray and Jeremy Vine.

So which ghosts of Strictly past are back to haunt Craig and Bruno? Here’s our guide to this year’s contenders, dancing for the festive Silver Star trophy.

Jeremy Vine, 52

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 Jeremy Vine

Dancing the Quickstep with Karen Clifton

Song: All I Want for Christmas is You by Mariah Carey

Finished 9th in 2015 with Karen Clifton

Jeremy says: “I’m going to be descending onto the dance floor on a star, wearing a bright yellow suit! The first time I danced on Strictly I got every step right and I thought I was in serious danger of getting a 40… then I saw Craig’s face. Now I only dance in my kitchen under supervision. It’s lovely being back with Karen, she’s a brilliant dancer, a great friend and gives me all the best life tips.”

Judy Murray, 58

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 - Judy Murray

Dancing the Charleston with Neil Jones

Song: Let’s Misbehave by Cole Porter

Finished 9th in 2014 with Anton Du Beke

Judy says: “I haven’t danced one step since the series, but the Charleston is a good dance for me because you can wear flat shoes. Although you need rhythm and timing to make it good, which are not concepts I’m familiar with! I love the lifts, I can do all that, it’s the girly stuff in between that’s tough. We’ll watch it on Christmas Day in Scotland, but my sons Andy and Jamie will be hiding behind the sofa!”

Kimberley Walsh, 36

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 - Kimberley Walsh

Dancing the Jive with Pasha Kovalev

Song: Run, Run, Rudolph by Kelly Clarkson

Runner up in 2012 with Pasha Kovalev

Kimberley says: “I wanted to do this because I put a lot of pressure on myself the first time round, I took it all so seriously. I just want to enjoy it now, so I’m going to be jumping around as a reindeer for my children… they don’t realise I’ve nearly had a heart attack trying to get to the end of the routine! It’s a good boot camp, I haven’t moved this fast for at least a year.”

Colin Jackson, 50

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 - Colin Jackson

Dancing the Rumba with Amy Dowden

Song: Run by Leona Lewis

Runner up in 2005 with Erin Boag

Colin says: “I interviewed Amy when she was 14 for a BBC Wales dance show called Dance with Colin. Now she’s teaching me, so that’s a bit bizarre, but a lot of fun too! I always enjoyed the ballroom, so I couldn’t believe they gave me a Latin dance, but it’s like a showdance rumba, once I saw the choreography I loved it. We’ve spent a lot of time on the technique to try to impress Shirley!”

Katie Derham, 47

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 - Katie Derham

Dancing the Viennese Waltz with Brendan Cole

Song: White Christmas by Otis Redding

Finished 4th in 2015 with Anton Du Beke

Katie says: “I’m playing a Snow Queen in a silver sparkly dress, trapped in a snow globe, released by my handsome prince, Brendan. I want to enjoy it but I can’t deny it’s quite scary dancing in front of an audience. It’s great to see Jeremy again, and Judy and I have been sharing Anton stories. I’m cooking for 24 people on Christmas Day, so the show will be a welcome excuse to get away from the pans!”

Robbie Savage, 43

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special 2017 - Robbie Savage

Dancing the American Smooth with Dianne Buswell

Song: Baby Please Come Home by Michael Buble

Finished 6th in 2011 with Ola Jordan

Robbie says: “I’m always glad I did Strictly because it changed people’s opinions of me, but I always had horrific nerves. They came flooding back during rehearsals for this show – it’s a million times worse than playing football. My kids don’t let me do many reality shows because it’s embarrassing for them, but this one got their approval. People get good scores at Christmas but I hope Craig gives me a poor mark, it’s all about the panto!”

Strictly Come Dancing Christmas Special is on BBC1, Christmas Day, at 6.30pm.

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