Lee Mead’s learned the secret of success on Casualty – avoiding medical dialogue! (VIDEO)

Lee Mead says the number one thing he’s learned from his breakout role as Ben ‘Lofty’ Chiltern in Casualty is to avoid being given any medical dialogue!

He told What’s on TV at the National TV Awards: “Don’t do any operations! Not my bag at all. The medical dialogue is tricky to learn, so thankfully that’s more for the doctors, but the nurse character I play is less medical jargon.”

Lee, 33, was nominated as best newcome at the NTAs, but the award went to EastEnders’ Maddy Hill.

Despite that Lee says he’s loved the transition from musical theatre star to dramatic actor. “The first few weeks was tricky, adjusting to being on set with the cameras and not rehearsing a show for 4-5 weeks before going on, but it’s been really good,” he said. “I’ve enjoyed the process of being on camera. [It involves] longer days, a lot of waiting around at times, but it’s great fun.”

Watch the interview with Lee Mead and find out who his unlikely jamming buddy in the Casualty cast is, above.

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