Lee Mead: ‘The Casualty props room is like a horror film!’

Former West End musical star Lee Mead reveals he’s had his eyes opened while working on BBC1’s Casualty.

Lee, who made his dramatic entrance into the long-running medical drama last week said, during a recent interview with What’s on TV: “I’m not too squeamish but Casualty’s prosthetics department is like a horror film! It’s a room with very realistic arms and legs hanging everywhere. The detail that goes into it is pretty impressive, which is why the scenes look so real.”

Lee stars as clumsy new nurse Lofty, who has a lot to prove if he’s going to earn a permanent position in Holby City’s ED: “Lofty’s slightly naïve about life, but he’s a team player and enjoys getting involved. I’m not 100 per cent sure where his journey will take him, but there are some good storylines to come. He’s a decent guy at heart and brings a lot of spirit and energy to the team.”

Watch Casualty on Saturday to see how Lofty’s first formal shift at the hospital goes.

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