Lee Mead: ‘I’d like to return to the West End at the right time’ (VIDEO)

Lee Mead‘s career is as amazing as Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Chatting to What’s on TV about his new musical tour and Casualty’s 30th anniversary, Lee said: “I’m always looking ahead but I do sometimes look back and think ‘wow’ that was really cool, I can’t believe that happened! I’m very fortunate to have done a lot of big West End shows, I brought my own show on tour and now TV roles as well.”

Already an accomplished singer when he won the BBC talent show Any Dream Will Do (2007), more recently Lee, who plays caring nurse Lofty in Casualty, has been focusing on his on-screen medical career. However, he makes finds time to tour and still has a hankering for the West End.

Lee revealed: “I’m enjoying [TV] at the moment but it’s been four years since my last musical so, at the right time, it would be lovely to go back and do a show again. But I’m really enjoying the TV and filming side.

Right now the star is currently on his Some Enchanted Evening tour, which he balances with his Casualty schedule in Cardiff, where the show’s filmed.

When we ask him how he stays sane, hardworking Lee joked: “I don’t really know, to be honest, it’s a bit crazy. I’ll just take the work if it’s there!”

He added, more seriously: “I’m very conscious of balancing my personal life and seeing my daughter with having time to go for a drink, and playing football (badly!), if I can, and work.”

And there’s no shortage of dramatic storylines as BBC’s Casualty prepares to kick off its 30th anniversary celebrations later this year.

Lee said: “I’m not allowed to say too much about Casualty’s 30th anniversary… It’s not been confirmed exactly what the 30th anniversary episode is going to be but we have shot two shows with Paul Unwin, who created the show.

“We did night shoots on Cardiff Bay and it’s very, very exciting. There was a huge explosion on the bay, which I can’t talk about!

“They spent a lot of money, close to a million pounds, on this episode so it’s a huge budget for the show. It was great working with Paul as well – he was telling us about how he first created Casualty when he was only 24 or 25… He didn’t think it would run, and now it’s the longest-running medical drama in the world, which is a amazing!”

Naturally Paul and Casualty’s longest-serving cast member, Derek Thompson, who plays Charlie Fairhead, had a bit of a reunion on set. Lee said: “There were a lot of a stories on set and it was nice to see them having a chat about old times. I feel really lucky to be in the show on the 30th anniversary, it’s very special.”

For more, watch our full interview with Lee Mead above…

Some Enchanted Evening ticket and venue information is available from Lee’s official website.

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